Lead-Gen Tools For Business

How To Choose The Best Lead Generation Marketing Tools

One of the easiest ways that you can start generating a multitude of sales for the products or services that you sell is to work with a lead generation company. You can get emails for people that have shown an interest in a product that is similar to one that you sell. However, this can be very expensive, and as a result of that, people are trying to find ways to generate leads.

They start searching for the best lead generation marketing tools that are on the market, but they often become overwhelmed as to deciding on which one to purchase. Some of these come in the form of software programs that you can use on your computer, whereas others will be plug-ins that they use on their website. Here are a few things to consider before you invest in a lead generation marketing tool or service for your business. A great place to start isĀ http://leadgenerationtools.net

How Do These Tools Work?

These work in a couple of different ways. First of all, people can run PPC campaigns on the Internet where they can drive traffic to lead capture pages. These are known as squeeze pages, a page where they can enter their name and email address to get information that they are seeking out. These can also be very effective if you are offering an exclusive discount on products that you offer or a free downloadable ebook that people can read.

Additionally, when people purchase products from a company, they will typically enter their email address which might explicitly state that their email address may be sold. That is how most of them work, but there is often a significant cost in the advertising for this type of lead generation. Many people turn to search engine optimization to place hundreds or thousands of different pages on the Internet ranking for certain keyword terms.

Both of the strategies work very well, as well as social media marketing which can achieve similar results. To bypass all of this, you can purchase lead generation marketing tools that you can use that can save you a serious amount of money.

Top Lead Generation Marketing Tools Online

Top Lead Generation Marketing Tools Available Today

One of the popular one’s today is on websites called Intercom Acquire, although there are many similar programs out there. If you have ever been to a site where there appears to be a live operator waiting to answer your questions. There’s a pop up on the side, top or bottom of the screen where you will see someone asking if you have any issues and that they will be happy to help. To get access to this help, you will enter your name and email address, and this is a lead capture tool that works very well.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another program that works very well if you are searching for people to do a joint venture. This type of lead capture tool is for B2B sales. If you are trying to connect with similar companies where you can cross sell products, this is one of the best today.

Finally, SlideShare and Pinterest are very effective ways of generating leads because there are millions of people that like to look at slides and pictures. By having a link directly to your lead capture page at the top of your account, or a link directly associated with the slide or pictures that you are posting, as people share these across the web. Create a viral effect where you can get thousands of people subscribing to your autoresponder so that you can capture these leads daily.

Although it would be much easier just to contact the company that can produce prospects for you, or run a PPC campaign directly to your lead capture page, these alternative solutions also work very well. They’re for people that are on a limited budget, or that would like to use an alternative method to capture leads on their own. Whether you are trying to find customers or connect with similar businesses across the web, these alternative methods for lead capture should help you generate more sales for your business.